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Cleaners Haven Provide Great Quality Carpet Cleaning in Newhaven

Maybe you have a high-quality fitted woollen carpet in your modern Newhaven home, or a few select antique rugs over beautifully restored wooden floorboards in a renovated Victorian dwelling. Either way, your floor covering sets the tone for the whole room and can enhance your other furnishings and fixtures. Over time however, the grime of everyday life works its way into any carpet or rug, colours fade and the soft texture deteriorates. It’s time to restore your floor covering to it’s former glory.

The more valuable the floor covering is, the more vital it is that you choose a cleaning service from a company that understands exactly how to care for it. Cleaners Haven’s specialist Newhaven carpet cleaning services will revitalise your rugs and carpets. We’ll restore bright colours and the original texture of your treasured possessions.

Specialist Cleaning Services for Rugs and Carpets in Newhaven, Even White ones!

All of our fully insured carpet cleaning specialists are experienced in their field. They’re experienced, qualified and certified. We use a variety of cleaning techniques, you can be certain that our employees will choose the most appropriate for your carpet or rug. Whatever cleaning method is indicated we’ll get a great result, even on difficult pale or white carpets

Below you can see some of the benefits we offer to customers who book carpet cleaning in Newhaven. You might like to hear what clients we’ve worked for have to say about us, go to our testimonials page .

  • On request we can ‘scotchgard’ your carpet to protect it against future staining
  • High-quality professional cleaning agents, you can’t buy these in the shops! These non-toxic, eco-friendly detergents give a deep but gentle clean
  • Thorough cleaning, we’ll move furniture to clean underneath it and get right up to the edges and into the corners
  • Various cleaning techniques available we’ll always select the one that will give the best result for your specific rug or carpet

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